My name is Matt Stanley, I'm 24 and I love two things (well that's kind of a lie, I love a lot of things) cooking and computer science.

I recently graduated from Middlebury College where I studied computer science and mathematics. While at Middlebury I worked at a restaurant named American Flatbread, where I discovered that food---preparing, eating, history of, enjoying---was really cool. I split my time between things like: reading about the OSI model and researching the Mother Sauces.

Currently I'm looking to dive into a career as a software developer, as well as contemplating graduate school. I'm having a lot of fun teaching myself web development (python, flask, django, html, css, javascript) and am becoming passionate about the Internet. It's pretty neat! To tell the truth though, I haven't met a tech topic I didn't like.

In the culinary world I'm hooked on dumplings, both eating and making them. If you have any tips, tricks or recipes, send them my way.